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Most asked questions

FAQ- Frequently asked questions...

Where can your moulding profiles be bought?

The ordered items may be picked up from our warehouse by our customer personally. We send also by means of the DPD courier our commodities. In some cases our products are delivered by means of our own transportation. There also exists a possibility of ordering products through our distributors. (To find more please check out the cooperation section)

How can I order your products?
We accept orders by e-mail or fax. The commodity is send after the payment on our bank account is booked. The delivery time depends on the size and production difficulty of an order.

What should an order include?

The order should include the specification - type and amount of products ordered in running meters or pieces ( one should bear in mind the additional cm needed in case of the 45 degree cut), to write an invoice out we need the complete data the customer has to specify the form of payment, contact data and cell phone number.

What is the time of realization?

Exterior crown mouldings which are available in our warehouse are delivered within 3- 5 business days from the point of the booked payment. Architectonic elements which are produced upon the order we deliver usually within 7 -10 working days form the moment of payment. The time of realization may be prolonged because of the size or difficulty of an order.

How much does the delivery cost?

The price of the transportation is conditioned on the amount of the ordered products and place of delivery. The transportation costs are assessed individually in a way to make the the transportation as much cost effective they can be.

Is the stucco damaged in the transportation?

The packages are protected with a foamed polystyrene surface. Additionally, every delivery is secured with an Insurance. Every customer is obliged to check at the moment of reception if the bought items are not damaged. After noticing any kind of damage to the packages fill a customer complaint application that the courier/ driver possess.
Without this application we won't be able to addmit a claim.

What If after goods reception it turns out that the items are incomplete or incompatible with my order?

We put a lot of attention to the production process so your order is manufactured with our arrangements; yet, it can happen that the order is incomplete. In this case we need an written information about the incomplete order within 3 days from the moment of reception. Yet, it is recommended to check the content of the packages at the time of reception.

What is the minimum order?

Every order will be realized.

Is it possible to receive a sample?

We do send samples of our products, the cost depends on the location, but usually oscillates around 25 euro.

What with the resistance to weather conditions of cornices?

Cornices are made of a hardened polystyrene with a polymer-quartz surface which does posses a great durability in the weather conditions found in Poland.

Are your products under warranty?

We give a two-year guaranty according to the regulations. Time has shown that after 10 years our products are still showing no signs of alternation.

What is the length of the elements?

The standard length is 120 cm, 160 cm, 200 cm, 240 cm +/- 1

What are your architectonic details made from?

Our stucco-work is made of attested and permitted to sales in building industry materials such as : Foamed Polystyrene EPS 100 , EPS 200, XPS, flexible water and Frost resistant layer based on spatula used in insulation systems and quartz. All of our products can be covered with elevation paint. (able to dilute in water). We do not recommend the usage of silicate paints. 

Is it possible to use your cornices on a building that is already insulated?

Cornices are perfectly tailored to the usage for any type of walls e.g– on traditional stucco, elevations made from stone and bricks and especially buildings secured on the exterior with polystyrene, as well as mineral wool, where the montage of bigger elements is very difficult. One has only to adjust the proper glue to the wall.

On which stage of the building process, your profiles are to be installed

Our architectural elements should be installed after the insulation and reinforcement of the walls is done, but before the ending jobs such as : putting of the structural plaster on the wall or painting. (for warmed buildings). You may also montage our profiles afterwards, remembering to use the proper glue. The montage on already finished elevation is more time – consuming because of the rough walls. However, by means of a precise ending usually it is enough to make small painting changes.

Is the montage difficult?

The technology of the montage is easy. There are no Professional tools needed. The cornices are light and flexible which makes the installation easy.

Do you produce for renovation purposes and can you recreate architectural items according to the project?

Yes. We produce all sorts of cornices and many more architectural details for renovation purposes.

Of course it is possible; however, one has to add an 15 % fee for one running meter of a given batter. Length of the profiles can not be more than 240 cm.

Do you produce arches and how much do they cost?

Virtually, we are able to cut out almost every arch that our customer requires. The price of the arch is always calculated in a way that you add 150% the price of the profiles running meter, from which the arch should be produced. Its length is always to be measured on the outside.

How to measure an arch window?

For window and door openings ended with a half circle it is enough to give the diameter measured form the inside opening; minus 5 mm for possible inequalities of the arch to cover with the profile. Afterwards even the interior opening with the edge of the profile by using spatula.

What if the arch is not a half of an circle but its extract?

For window and door openings ended with a different circle one has to give two measurements : The diameter of the arch measured inside of the opening, and the height of the arch measured from the arch bottom to its highest point.

What if the arch is an ellipse?

In this case is a template needed which one can make from plywood or cardboard; thereafter, send us sample.

How to estimate the length of the needed profiles?

By estimating the length of the bend one has to remember of adding one width of the band to the height of the opening and two widths of the band to the width of the opening. It is recommended to add some additional 2 - 3 cm on each side.

How to measure the length of the underwindowsills?

The length of the underwindowsill should be the minimum of the opening in the window width plus double size of the width batter applicated around the window.

 Do you cut the windowsills on the required length?

Of course, in the price of every underwindowsill is included already the cutting on a required length and the finish off endings. We need the length of the ready made products.

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