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Corner Quoins- how to choose them for the facade?

The facade of a building serves not only a protective function but also an aesthetic one. Modern architectural trends increasingly emphasize details.


How to finish a façade of a modern building?

The façade of a property is a very important element. Well-chosen and correctly installed architectural details allow not only to obtain an interesting effect, but also to increase the value of the property. 3D façade panels - WMB Premium Line Sto Verolith coffers - are currently very popular and allow for a modern, durable and warm finish. How do you finish facade panels and what is worth knowing about them?


Window mouldings and window decoration: Inspirational design ideas

n interesting façade design often requires an unconventional, creative approach. Simply painting the building is not enough. Changing the colour may change the perception of the house, but interesting arrangements require accessories such as window sills! In this case, we particularly recommend stuccowork, which is resistant to the harmful effects of external factors and, most importantly, will allow you to change the character of your property in a simple and quick manner. Today, we recommend window mouldings, which create an elegant and interesting decoration for window sills and elevations! Check out our ideas for window mouldings!


The benefits of quoin battens in the construction industry

Quoin battens are one of the most popular accessories used to decorate the façade of different types of buildings - they are suitable for both small and large properties, modern and classic. The installation of the quoin battens itself is extremely simple and hassle-free, while still achieving the perfect finish. What are the main benefits of using quoin battens? We explain in detail below.


Creative ways to use façade mouldings in interior design

Façade mouldings are one of those decorative elements that are perfect not only for decorating a property from the outside, but also from the inside. If you're decorating a house or flat, or perhaps you're planning to refresh an existing arrangement a little - then you should definitely consider using façade mouldings. In the past, these used to be heavy and difficult to install plaster mouldings, but nowadays their place has been taken by typical polyurethane stuccowork or standard market polystyrene mouldings. We, on the other hand, present design ideas with façade mouldings not only for the façade, but also for interiors such as the living room or bedroom!


How do I choose the right plasterboard curtain rail for my interior design?

The curtain rail is an interior design solution found in most homes or flats where curtains and drapes are used. However, despite its great functionality, this element does not always look aesthetically pleasing. Fortunately, there are ways to neatly disguise the curtain rod - so that it does not disrupt the interior style of the room. The simplest and quickest solution is to install a special skirting board. How do you choose a GK curtain rail to achieve the desired effect? See here!


How do you install a GK curtain moulding correctly?

Do you want to enhance the aesthetics of your room with elegant curtains or drapes? Even if you choose a stylish model, a curtain rod can hinder you from achieving the effect you dream of. It's a design element that shouldn't usually be noticed. Looking for a way to disguise a curtain rod or skirting board in your bedroom, living room or other room? Check out how to carry out the installation of a curtain moulding as a masking feature. You have several options to choose from.


Decorative columns in the house - inspiration

Ornamental columns in the house sound like an eccentric idea to draw attention to yourself? Not necessarily! Sometimes these types of elements are a necessity, on which depends, for example, the structural safety of the building. Then the columns are there to carry the weight of the upper floors of the building. But what if you want to add charm to the interior of your home, but do it with class? Here's how to use decorative columns for this purpose.


Curtain rail fitting - installation guide

Let's not be afraid to put our own finishing touches to the design elements in our homes! The stuccowork available on the market today is easy to install, even for those who are new to stuccowork - all you need is an idea of what you can do with it.


Classical stucco in modern interiors

Classical stucco is commonly associated with almost palace-like interiors, i.e. refined and elegant. Historically, it was popular especially in ancient times, but quickly returned to favour during the Renaissance or Baroque periods. Interestingly, classical stuccowork is also increasingly popular in contemporary interiors. Does it fit in with today's interior design trends? Find out how to compose it with taste!


Does it make sense to use prefabricated plasterboard?

The use of prefabricated plasterboard has become increasingly popular in recent years. The biggest advantage of such a solution is, first and foremost, very fast installation. The use of prefabricated elements also significantly reduces the risk of making various types of mistakes during construction or interior finishing. Find out more about this topic and find out why it is worth using prefabricated plasterboard elements.


How to finish arched windows?

A building without windows? It must be admitted that this is a truly abstract vision that will work in very few cases. They are a key element of a building responsible for our comfort, well-being, safety, and design. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that windows are not only reliable and functional but also visually attractive.


Can exterior stucco be painted, and what kind of paint should be used?

Do you want to match the color of the stucco to the building's facade or the color of interior walls? Or perhaps you want to refresh its color or completely change it. Find out if it's possible to paint stucco and what paints to choose.

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