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Regipro - plasterboard modules

Regipro – plasterboard fitting from ready - made modules

Regipro is a system of ready-made elements to finish interiors. They can be applied to cover curtain rail, install indirect lighting, finish off bathroom or cover unsightly pipes or cables.


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For montage, all you need is plaster glue, screws and mounting plates attached to the modules.

Montage of LED shelf made of plasterboard.
Prefabricated modules to speed up montage process

The use of prefabricated modules speeds up the interior finishing process by up to 80%.

The use of regipro elements simplifies the process and allows to reduce the implementation costs by up to 25% compared to drywall.

Saving money by applying plasterboard modules.
Plasterboard fitting in bedroom.
Clean montage.

Cutting the boards to size and filling the corners creates the most mess. With us you will keep it to a minimum!

Thanks to the easy montage, you will get the perfect effect every time without the need to involve specialized professionals.

The easy montage of prefabricated plasterboard modules.
Plasterboard lighting shelves in the bedroom.
Tools needed to mount plasterboard modules.

To mount Regipro modules you will need far fewer tools, as compared to traditional methods.

Lower montage costs and a wide range of products will allow you to implement your boldest ideas.

You will implement any idea thanks to savings on plasterboard modules.
Less waste when using plasterboard modules

Regipro modules guarantee less waste on the construction site and allow you to resign from aluminum profiles and corners.

Regipro modules are ready-made prefabricated elements that can be used to make effective decorations, hide wall defects or create an interesting lighting system..
Our prefabricated elements are made of plasterboard and expanded polystyrene. Each product is precisely milled and cut with specialized CNC machines. Due to the full automation of production, our molders are always perfectly fitted.
REGIPRO modules for quick montage are used not only in houses and flats, but also in the interiors of public buildings.
Our plasterboard fittings are highly resistant to mechanical damage. They can be painted with most of the available paints. Fittings are very easy and quick to mount and do not require above-average skills.

The use of ready-made plasterboard modules

Plasterboard modules can come in a variety of shapes, forms and sizes. They are perfect for lighting projects in the bathroom, living room or bedroom. In this way, we can create indirect lighting in the original design.
REGIPRO plasterboard modules are ideal for quickly masking pipes and cables. In this way, we hide everything that distorts and negatively affects the entire interior design. It is also worth considering their use in order to hide the curtain rail. This method is especially recommended for minimalist interiors, where "less is more".

Finishing the living room

Why prefabricated fittings made of plasterboard is a good choice?

Ready-made REGIPRO plasterboards are very versatile and have a wide range of applications. The regipro system allows you to shorten the completion time by up to 80% compared to traditional plasterboard structures. This way you save time, there is no need to cut the panels yourself at home or use aluminum corners that are inconvenient to apply. Our prefabricated products also save a lot of money, up to 25%!

REGIPRO modules are also very easy to mount.

You will only need screws, mounting plate and, of course, a special glue for plasterboard.
Do you know that thanks to the use of REGIPRO prefabricated elements, you will significantly reduce the amount of waste during renovation and interior finishing? Check it out for yourself!

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