Sztukateria elewacyjna, podokienniki
Sztukateria elewacyjna, podokienniki
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Please visit our decorative offer for the finishing of interiors. 

We offer a wide range of easy to install decorative molding.
The advantage of our products is the simple way of installment, high flexibility and small weight. This molding is made out of a highly hardened EPS 200 polystyrene, with secured outer coating by polymer-acrylic resin with the addition of quartz aggregate. These elements possess sharp and expressive edges. This molding can be painted with facade paints that are water-dilutable.

A wide range of products makes it possible to give every interior its own style and character. Are you looking for decorative interior molding in a size that you can nowhere get??? No problem! We are able to make every molding/profile in a given form or size for your individual needs. In our company you will find the match to every detail, which can decide about the unique style and an unprecedented mood of your home.

Do not be afraid to create individual and original compositions. We are here to help you!

WMB Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Spółka komandytowa, ul.1 Maja 86, Pietrowice Wielkie 47-480 (koło Raciborza), tel: 0048 32/415 45 93, fax: 0048 32/750 86 44, tel. kom: 0048 600 850 367, e-mail:

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