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06 January 2014
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11 December 2013

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of Interior and Exterior stucco

In our offer you will find high quality products which are impact resistant but on the same time flexible created in an interesting template with unique forms and design.

Other items that we are producing: 
Under Windowsill, Consoles, Polystyrol Quoin Molding, Decorative Baluster, Pediments, Arch Cornices and Molding.

Only on our webpage you will find few dozens of ready made decorative stucco sets created by the best architects in order to create a unique window and door arrangement.
Bearing in mind the best possible custom service we have for few years systematically developed our offer for the interior use. Currently, we are having in our offer over 2000 diverse products. We are cooperating with famous companies from the moulding department such as; NMC, ORAC, MARDOM-DECOR or CATHERINE & DOYLE.

Our wide range offer is able to satisfy even the most fussy tastes.
In our offer we have very cost-effective decors, rosettes and styropor moulding that enables in a fast and cheap way to decorate interior as well as exclusive and mechanical damage resistatnt elements.

Remember that a correctly matched stucco gives every facade a special and unique look. The possibility of matching correctly the decorative elements enables the creation of an interior according to individual designs.

We guarantee that in our offer you will find surely something interesting for yourself. Thousands of customers have trusted us – trust us as well!

We offer the following types of elements of stucco facade

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Moulding Profiles Interior stucco NMC Interior stucco MarDom Sets of stucco for the facade Columns, Laggings, Pilaster
»  Exterior Moulding
»  Windowsill mouldings
»  The under windowsill consoles
»  Modern Cornices
»  Crown Cornices
»  Belt Cornices
»  Socle Cornice
»  Window Cornices
»  Pediment
»  Corner Quoin
»  Straight Quoin
»  Belt Quoin
»  Quoin battens
»  Keystones
»  Corbels
»  Brackets
»  Rosettes
»  Arch Elements
»  Decorative Baluster
»  Post And Wall Caps
»  Ceiling Molding NMC Nomastyl
»  Wall and Ceiling Molding NMC Arstyl
»  Ceiling and Wall Molding NMC Allegro
»  Baseboards Molding NMC Floorstyl
»  Wall & Ceiling Moldings NMC Wallstyl
»  Ceiling Rosettes NMC
»  Corbels NMC
»  Corners NMC
»  Flexible Molding NMC
»  Facade Molding NMC Domostyl
»  Baseboards HD
»  Lighting molding HD
»  Ceiling Moldings
»  Wall Molding
»  Door Framing / Decor
»  Decorative Corners
»  Rosette
»  Columns
»  Pilaster
»  Decorative corbels
»  Niche and Decorations
»  Flexible Moldings
»  Moulding in INOX and Aluminium Colors
»  Decorative sets WMB / Collection 2013
»  Column Head
»  Column Base
»  Column Core
»  Pilaster-Head
»  Pilaster-Base
»  Pilaster-Core
»  Free standing Columns
»  Pipe Insulation EPS
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