Installation of Mardom Decor Stucco - Piece of a cake!

Below Few Basic advices:

A) Surface of the moulding and walls has to be dry, clean and grease free.

B) Air temperature should be between 10 - 35 Celsius. Remeber that a room should not be humid during installation.

C) It is recommended to leave the stucco and adhesives till 24 hours from the moment of packages reception.

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Installation of Decorative Moulding

In order to glue in fast and correct manner polystyrene moulding on the joint of wall and ceiling and baseboards you have to prepare adequate tools.

First of all prepare:

mitre box, saw or blade for moulding cutting, tape measure, brush, container with clean water, spatula, fine sandpaper, sponge, pencil and adequate adhesive.

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Stucco - What, Where and What for?

Stucco - What, Where and What for?

Exterior stucco are all decorative elements that are applied for the enhancement of architecture of every building. (cornices, quoins, facade profiles, rosettes, columns, decors).

Owe to such a wide range of decorative elements there is a possibility to create unique designs inspired by the previous ages.

Obviously, todays exterior moulding differs quite considerably from the moulding of former epoches, especially in terms of the manufacturing process. Yet, there remains still a common problem of space accomodation in a way to sustain facades style and character.


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Original Finish Off Doors and Windows

Everyone wants its facade to look special and unique.

Therefore, new solutions are searched for in the finish off facades.

As one of the main elements that are finished with exterior moulding are doors and windows. These are the places that attract special attention.

The most popular solutions are decorative mouldings, the variety of models helps in the creation of interesting compositions.



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Interior Stucco - wide range of decorations in the finish off of interiors

The current trends in interior architecture allow a return to classical form and solutions 

Wizualizacja - Listwa ścienna LS1

In plenty of flats and houses one can see plenty of solutions and decorative elements which were derived from earlier epoches.

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