Sztukateria elewacyjna, podokienniki
Sztukateria elewacyjna, podokienniki
Order a Sample

Are you interested in samples of our products?

Just sent us an e-mail ( with exact contact details and information in which model or cornice moldings are you interested in.

Shipping cost depends on the country to which we send the samples. You only pay for the shipping, the samples are for free.

Zamów próbki

If after receiving the samples, you decide to buy our stucco, the value of the order will be reduced by the cost of shipping.

Decorative elements such as - the head of the column, the base of the column, pilaster, bracket, corner quoin, rosette or pediment are not included in the sample free costs. They can be ordered as 1 piece / set according to the price list, additionally this cost will not be subtracted from the value of the future order.

The standard length of the sample is 30 cm.

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