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Column Head GK2

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Column Head GK2
Height: 20-30 cm
Type of coating: Polymer/Quartz
Price: 64.10 €/pc net
Available diameters: 250 mm - 450 mm
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The following table shows the price for the head column depending on the diameter of the column:


Diameter Price
250mm 64,1 €/pc netto
300mm 75,04 €/pc netto
350mm 88,3 €/pc netto
400mm 103,86 €/pc netto
450mm 140,21 €/pc netto

Our columns are made from:

Highly hardened expanded polystyrene EPS 200, with secured outer coating by polymer-acrylic resin with the addition of quartz aggregate.


Columns are usually applied by the home entrance, in style referring to manor houses. Columns can support the balcony or any other element that is protruding and needs to be supported.
Pilasters and Half- Columns are ideal for the decoration of entrance door as a support of a cornice,

Product Features: 

Columns are durable, characterized by longevity, lightweight and easy to handle.
Our stucco is durable and resistant to weather conditions. Made from self extinguishing materials


The installation of our stucco is fast, simple and requires no extraordinary skills associated with installation. For facade profiles it is enough to have traditional and widely available tools for carpentry. 

Facade profiles after installation should be painted with permanently acrylic flexible facade paint. 
Factory products are in gray or beige. (More info)

Quality assurance:

We provide a two year warranty on our products (we know from experience that after nearly 20 years with the installation of our first architectural details on the facades, there were no visible changes in the quality of external coatings of our products).

We guarantee professional service and counseling before and during the implementation of the project.

GK 2
Φ[mm] 258 308 358 408 458
A[mm] 440 490 600 650 730
H[mm] 200 250 300
Wizualizacje produktu Column Head GK2
Wizualizacja produktu Column Head GK2
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Wizualizacje produktu Column Head GK2
Bonia prosta strukturalna BS6W - 50
Height: 24 cm
Price: 10.77
Thickness: 4
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Length: 50 cm
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NMC Adefix NEW
Price: 6.33 €/pc net price (310ml)
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Facade Profile L1
Wizualizacja produktu Facade Profile L1
Height: 14 cm
Special Price: 9.34 €/rm net worth
Thickness: 4 cm
Old Price: 9.84 €/rm net worth
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Length: 240/200/160/120cm
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Type of coating: polymer-quartz
Corner Quoin BN1 - 32
Wizualizacja produktu Corner Quoin BN1 - 32
Height: 24,0 cm
Price: 8.14 €/pc net price
Thickness: 4,0 cm
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Length: 32,0 cm
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Type of coating: Polymer/Quartz 
Adhesive SOUDAL FIX ALL HT for WMB stucco
Price: 9.23 €/pc net price (290ml)
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Nomastyl B8 Coving
Height: 8,2 cm
Price: 3.77 €/rm net
Thickness: 8,2 cm
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Length: 200 cm
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Type of coating: EPS 
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Wizualizacje produktu Nomastyl B8 Coving
Column Head GK4
Wizualizacja produktu Column Head GK4
Height: 20-30 cm
Price: 64.10 €/pc net
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Type of coating: Polymer/Quartz
Available diameters: 250 mm - 450 mm
Column Head GK1
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Wizualizacja produktu Column Head GK3
Height: 20-30 cm
Price: 64.10 €/piece net
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Type of coating: Polymer/Quartz
Available diameters: 250 mm - 450 mm
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