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Columns, Pilasters, Polystyrene Laggings

An architectonic column, as an element on which does the construction rest, is by many considered a symbol of longevity. For instance, the three columns are a symbol used by the masonry. These columns are supposed to be a symbol of – wisdom, beauty and strength. Similarly, the Egyptian column named zed and supposed to represent the backbone of Osiris that is a symbol of longevity and stability.

Currently, can observed a return to the style of ''small manor houses'' in the single family houses. In the past, small manor houses, were richly decorated with columns especially near the entrance or terrace.

In this section, beside the decorative columns, you will find the polystyrene lagging applied mainly as an overlay on already existing concrete pole, pilasters or half columns. Their biggest asset is small weight and easy installment. The lagging’s of columns are a very tasteful decorative element and are as good as the columns made from the sandstone from the old days.

Pilasters, half columns and columns are divided into three categories: head, core and base.
Each of these elements is sold separately, owe to this it is possible to create a unique stucco combination for everyone. 

If you do not know with what to start please visit our FAQ section, in which you will find essential information,  instructions and answers to frequently asked questions.

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