Sztukateria elewacyjna, podokienniki
Sztukateria elewacyjna, podokienniki
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A great occasion for buying profiles in astonishing low prices!

Discounts even up to 70%

The presented below products are available on our warehouse. Fast shipment!

The offer concerns only selected products. The current promotion is available till destocking. (the available quantity of products is given beside the product).

In case of buying a larger quantity of products than there is in our discount offer there is a possibility of producing the missing quantity; however these moldings will be sold in the catalog prizes.

The molding marked with "***" can have factory errors and these items cannot be returned. The detailed description of the errors can be found when you click on the particular product.


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Cornice GC1 ***
Height: 23 cm
Special Price: 7.69 €/rm net worth
Thickness: 9 cm
Old Price: 18.92 €/rm net worth
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Length: 200 cm
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Crown and Belt Cornices
Height: 16 cm
Price: 12.82
Thickness: 18 cm
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Length: 200 cm
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Straight Quoins 3/30/305cm pattern BP2
Height: 30 cm
Special Price: 12.31 €/rm net worth
Thickness: 3 cm
Old Price: 24.00 €/rm net worth
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Length: 305 cm
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Corbel 62/47/20 cm
Height: 47 cm
Special Price: 61.23 €/pc net price
Thickness: 20 cm
Old Price: 175.38 €/pc net price
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Length: 62 cm
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Corbel 33/19,5/10,5cm
Height: 19,5cm
Special Price: 18.46 €/pc net price
Thickness: 10,5cm
Old Price: 32.31 €/pc net price
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Length: 33 cm
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