Sztukateria elewacyjna, podokienniki
Sztukateria elewacyjna, podokienniki
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Interior Stucco Catherine Doyle

Please visit our offer of decorative elements that are constructed for the finish of interiors. 

The distinguishing mark of the Catherine Doyle stucco is foremostly the simplicity, and on the same time elegance. Owe to these aspects, these products are gaining new private and commercial customers.



Products are made out of hard polyurethane foam, while in the flexible version it produced from high quality rubber, which resembles, in its hardness, pine wood. 

The material from which are made ceiling, wall and floor profiles Catherine Doyle is completely waterproof and can be painted with paints that are dedicated for the interior paints, e.g: acrylic.

The wide range of products enables to achieve an individual character of every interior.
Do not be afraid of changes, we are here to help you to make the right decision!

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